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Roro Kuning Waterfall, Nganjuk - Indonesia Tourism

This place is a call Waterfall Roro Kuning, but for me is more correct to say Roro Yellow Water vine, because water that come down do not work directly, but creeping in between the walls of Rock. Water vine Roro Kuning 18 km from downtown Nganjuk namely in the southern slope of Mount Wilis, precisely in the village Bajulan Loceret Nganjuk District. Water vine Roro Kuning water comes from three sources of Mount Wilis. Name of Water vine taken from Raden Roro Roro Kuning Yellow or Goddess who is the daughter of King Sekartaji Dhoho Amiseno Ox. When the daughter was experiencing pain goiter and skin that do not heal, eventually he was treated by Resi Darmo derived from this Bajulan village. With traditional ingredients and bathe in the water this vine, Yellow Roro finally healed.

Water vine Yellow Roro located not far from Temple Kerta Buwana Giri Wilis. Because of its location at the foot of Mount Wilis filled with pine trees, the weather is cool. If you want to relax, here place. Sitting in the gazebo, enjoying the wind blowing between the shoots of pine, listening to the gurgling river, making us oblivious to the live load.

Water Tourist Attraction Roro Yellow vine which covers about 20 hectares, has been very full of amenities. Parking space, swimming pool there are two, stage, children's playground, green house, small mosque, several gazebos to relax, shop, and flower shop for a souvenir.

In addition to viewing Water vine Roro Kuning and swim, you can also see:

1. Museum of the Great General Sudirman.
2. Captive deer east.
3. Petilasan Goddess Sekartaji.
4. Coban Lawe Waterfall.
5. Ngunut Waterfall.

For Lawe and Coban Ngunut Waterfall, you have to walk about 3 km. We recommend that you physically prepare before there, because the road is steep.

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